Sunday 28 May 2023



Swiss Association of Humanitarian Aid and Sustainable Development in Vietnam


Dear English speaking friends, unfortunately we can't keep our site up to date in English.
Only the site in French is updated every week.

Thanks for your understanding


   Assistance in house reconstruction
   Construction of a home for orphans and childrens in difficult conditions
  Construction of a free health center in Tu bông..........
   Planting of Medical plants in Tu Bông
   Reforestation of mountain slopes in Van Phuoc Khanh Hoa province....
   Free English course


2021, we are building a small primary school
(some pictures)

Number of trees planted up to this day: 103'059
(some pictures)

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The association Offer a Roof was founded in 2008 in Lausanne, the association is recognized as a pure public service and exempt from
tax for Swiss residents.

98% of donations are sent to Vietnam for various projects.
Administrative costs are borne by committee members